Monday, February 23, 2015

First Aid Beauty Face Product Review

Hello there! Around Christmas time I purchased a Kit of 5 First Aid Beauty Products. I heard that the products worked really well, especially for sensitive skin, so I figured I would give them a try. Today I am going to review 3 of the products: Face Cleanser, Facial Radiance Pads and Ultra Repair Cream. They don't sell the same kit that I have, but they do have a kit with the 3 products I am going to review at Sephora.
 My skin is normally combination-oily, but during the winter months it is very dehydrated and the couple of products I was using was not enough for my skin. The product I was most excited about was the Ultra Repair Cream.
First Aid Beauty Face Product Review Ultra repair cream, facial radiance pads and face cleanser
Ultra Repair Cream- "Intense therapy, skin protectant with FAB antioxidant booster. Hydrate dry, parched skin, relieve minor irritation and itching due to eczema and other conditions. For the face and elsewhere." I typically use this only on my face right after using the cleanser. It is a thick cream, but it absorbs quickly so it doesn't leave a greasy feeling like some thick moisturizers. Since it is on the thicker side, I only use it before bed, not under my makeup. This has helped my skin so much and I no longer have any dry or flaky skin. It is fragrance-free so it doesn't have much of a smell to it, which is nice. My husband has used it on his eczema and finds that it helps with that. It is going to take me a while to use the whole tub, but I do plan on repurchasing it.

Facial Radiance Pads- These are suppose to exfoliate, tone and brighten. They are alcohol-free and can be used once or twice daily.  One side of the pad has a texture to it to exfoliate, while the other side is smooth. I don't know that they are strong enough to exfoliate well. I didn't notice a huge difference when I used these, but I only used them once a day instead of twice. It might work well for some, but I don't think that these would be worth purchasing again.

Face Cleanser- "Removes surface oils, make-up, dirt and grime. Safe for sensitive skin. Face Cleanser is an airy cream that gently cleanses the skin. The formula is infused with a blend of botanical antioxidants to stave off abuse of the elements. It is well suited for anyone with sensitive skin." This is a creamy cleanser that lathers nicely. It is gentle, but still works well. I normally use it with my Clarisonic to help exfoliate my skin. I doesn't break me out or dry my skin out too much.

I hope you found these reviews helpful. I have 2 more products from First Aid Beauty, so I will probably do a review with those two soon.
Have you tried any First Aid Beauty Products?
Thanks for reading!
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