Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Nail Color Favorites

In honor of the first day of fall today, I wanted to share some fall nail polish colors. I love the bright colors of spring and summer, but it is always a nice change to use darker colors.
Bahama Mama- Warm Plum
Vested Interest- Ashy blue-gray
Smokin' Hot- Dark Gray with a Hint of Purple
Sure Shot- Magenta

Ski Teal We Drop- Dark Teal 
DS Extravagance- Magenta with Sparkles
A Woman's Prague-ative- Copper Orange
Over the Taupe- Dark Taupe

China Glaze
Tongue and Chic- Teal with a Metallic Finish
Rose Tea Specialty- Light Pink, Rose
Heart of Africa- Deep Red
Stellar- Light Gold Glitter

Revlon Colorstay:
Spanish Moss- Green with a Gray Undertone
French Roast- Warm Medium Brown
Amethyst- Deep Purple
Vintage Rose- Similar to Rose Tea Specialty by China Glaze, but a little darker

I just bought Bahama Mama from Essie and love it. What are some of your favorite fall nail colors?
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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Essie All in One Top Coat Review

I recently bought Essie All in One 3-Way Glaze. It is a top coat, base coat and a strengthener. I tried it for the time when I did the post, how to make nail polish last longer. I have to say that I really like this for a base and top coat. I have tried many, and so far this is my favorite.
I was using a top and bases coat in one by OPI and it made my nails split and made the very brittle. I was tired of having to cut my nails to nothing so I tried one by Sally Hansen. It made my polish completely peel off after a couple of days, which was frustrating. I finally broke down and got the Essie one and it helped my nail polish last for a lot longer. I kept the polish on for a total of 8 days. It lasted a good 4 days before it started to chip. This is awesome compared to the usual 2 days it usually lasts. I took pictures throughout the week to show how long it lasted.

The polish didn't chip until day 5 and gradually chipped more. On the day 4 picture, a couple of my nails looked like they had scratches on them. My guess is because I started doing things before my nails were completely dry. Overall This product worked really well. It leaves a nice glossy finish and it also dries fairly quick.  Before applying the base coat I removed any oils on my nails with nail polish remover. I applied the base coat, then 2 coats of Essie nail polish, then the top coat. I let my nails dry for about 10 minutes between coats to make sure it was dry before applying the next. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone wanting their polish to last longer. 

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What's in my Makeup Bag

Hello everyone!
In honor of school starting today I thought I would show you what I have in my makeup bag that I keep in my backpack, or purse if I'm using a larger one. I use a Vera Bradley cosmetic bag. I like it because it has plastic lining on the inside so its easy to clean if something leaks.
1. Hand Sanitizer- This one is in the scent eucalyptus mint from Bath and Body works. It smells good, but the scent is a little too strong. Even when I don't carry my makeup bag I like to keep hand sanitizer in my purse to use before I eat.
2. Perfume- Most of the time I wear Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck perfume, so I keep the smaller one in my bag.
3. Lip Color- I use the Revlon Lip Butter in the color Juicy Papaya. It is a peachy color that is fairly sheer on the lips. I like that it isn't too bright, but adds just enough color to my lips.
4. Foot Works Anti-Rub Blister Stick (from Avon)- I like to keep this in my bag for when I wear shoes that rub on my heels. I didn't expect this product to work when I first got it, but surprisingly it does. Whenever my shoes rub my heels I apply a little bit of it and it prevents it from getting worse.
5. Maybelline Dream Matte Powder- I have combination skin, so I keep this product to touch up my makeup when I'm on campus all day. I normally keep blotting sheets as well and use them before I use the powder so my face doesn't look cakey.
6. Maybelline Fit Me Blush- I also keep this for touch ups when I'm on campus all day. This color is in medium pink.
7. Lotion- This lotion is Beautiful Day from Bath and Body Works. It is from their new collection. It has a nice fresh, floral scent.
8. The last thing I like to keep is a small mirror.

I also keep a couple of hair ties and bobby pins so I can throw my hair up.
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